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ISO standard


During a meeting held in London in 1946, delegates from 25 countries decided to create a new international organisation of which the object would be "to facilitate the international coordination and unification of industrial standards". The new organisation, ISO, officially began operations on 23rd February 1947 in Geneva (Switzerland). Currently, over 160 countries are members of this organisation.

The Goal:  

To strive constantly for continual improvement.

ISO 9001  The "QUALITY MANAGEMENT" standard: Client satisfaction and the quest for excellence

The intention of this standard is to optimise

  • internal processes (communication between departments, each activity is treated as a process)
  • internal organisation (job descriptions, functional organisation chart, etc...)
  • external processes (client satisfaction, choice of suppliers)


ISO 14001  The "ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT" standard: work while respecting the environment

The intention of this standard is to incorporate the concept of "sustainable development" into the company’s management methods.
Consequently, a series of measures need to be taken on board in order to:

  • limit the consumption of fluids and consumables 
  • reduce polluting gas emissions and waste
  • recycle the waste produced


Procedures which meet the requirements laid down by the standards need to be drawn up in order to implement an ISO certification process. "ISO certification" is issued after an audit is carried out by an accredited body and is the culmination of the process.  Valid for 3 years, it needs to be revalidated every year.
The implementation of the ISO certification process will involve all the company’s members of staff. The decision is made by the Senior Management.

For more information please visit : http://www.iso.org

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